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Clogs in your main drain can quickly escalate from minor frustrations to emergencies. It is crucial to recognize the early signs of these problems. If you notice any of the following issues at your Boston home, contact our drain cleaning experts to schedule a service.

Main Line Drain Clearing / Drain and Septic Line Repairs

Signs Your Main Drain Needs to be Unclogged

  • Multiple backed-up drains: If your kitchen sink, shower, and toilet are draining slowly, there’s likely a clog in your main drain or sewer line.
  • Gurgling drains: When one drain gurgles while another sink in your home is in use, it indicates trouble with your main septic line.
  • Water flowing out of sewage clean-out: If water seeps out of the sewage clean-out in your home, it’s a strong indication of a clog in your main line.
  • Decreased flow rate: A decrease in water flow throughout your home can be a sign of a plumbing system backup.

If you notice any of these signs, immediately stop all water flow and call us for emergency sewer / drain cleaning service at 617-364-2200.

Importance of Sewer Cleaning

If sewage problems are left untreated or aren’t properly identified, these issues can lead to costly repairs and even damage to your landscape. That’s why we’ll always make sure that we pinpoint the precise problems before we begin any type of sewer repair or drain cleaning work. In a typical home, you may be operating with as low as 25% of the available drain diameter because of buildups and clogs. This reduced diameter leaves your drains slow and inefficient. If left untreated, it will get much worse.

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