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Trenchless Excavation

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A trenchless sewer line is a replacement for your existing sewer line. It is a less invasive alternative to open-top excavations and can connect your home to the main sewer line without damaging your landscaping.
Trenchless repair and excavation is one method of repairing burst or cracked pipes.

When Is A Trenchless Sewer Line an Option?

The best way to know if a trenchless sewer line is a viable option for your home is to have us discuss both types of replacement lines with you. We will determine permitting and other local requirements and who is responsible for road repairs when you connect to the main sewer. You will also need to consider the cost of replacing the landscaping that is damaged in the process. Trenchless excavation can be initially more expensive than traditional excavation, but it is often more economical when you figure in the cost of landscaping and road repairs.

McMahon Plumbing & Heating is expert in trenchless excavation — contact us to discuss your options!

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