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Tub and Shower Valves

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Tub and Shower valves control water flow and temperature to ensure a comfortable and safe bath or shower. They help the water maintain its temperature when someone uses another water fixture — no more getting scalded when someone flushes a toilet.

Choosing Tub and Shower Valves

We can advise you on the choice of tub and shower valves, making sure that they are not mismatched with the faucets you choose, and we install them professionally to avoid problems like incorrectly adjusted temperature stops or uneven water flow.

Where to Buy Symmons, Grohe, and Other Shower and Tub Valves

We repair and install a wide variety of tub and shower valves from all leading manufacturers. We recommend Symmons and Grohe brands.

Symmons invented the anti-scald, pressure-balancing shower valve. Today they offer 14 premium product collections including shower valves and a wide selection of plumbing fixtures.

Is it time to repair or replace your shower valve?

Some signs of a faulty or clogged shower valve are:

  • The handle is hard to turn
  • Water temperature changes unexpectedly
  • Sudden changes in water pressure
  • The shower is leaking or dripping

If you have any of these problems, repairs should be done promptly to avoid further damage.

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