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Tips to Avoid Clogged Drains

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Here are some common sense tips to help you avoid clogged drains.
  1. Do not under any circumstance dump grease directly down your drain. Grease solidifies when it cools, and will solidify on the inside of your plumbing. Learn more about fats, oils, and greases here: “Beware the FOG
  2. Never force large amounts of food down the garbage disposal at once. Give the unit plenty of time to grind the food before adding more.
  3. Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can.
  4. Always turn on the water before starting the garbage disposal, and keep it running for a minute after turning off the disposal to move the waste through the pipes.
  5. Leftovers can do a number on your drains. Make sure all food scraps are scraped off plates before rinsing. Letting food remnants slide down your drain with cause backups in your kitchen pipes. Scrape food off your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.
  6. Avoid leaving paper towels in bathrooms. If toilet paper supplies run empty, guests may reach for paper towels instead; which can stop up toilets.
  7. Use sink and tub strainers in the bathroom to catch hair, and clean them between showers and shaves.
  8. If you do have a clog, don’t overuse chemical drain cleaners. These can force clogs further down your drain line, making the problem worse. If your drain doesn’t clear after one or two uses, call your plumber!

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