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Going Green – Environmentally Friendly Plumbing Options

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f you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you just might want to consider going ‘green’ with plumbing in Boston Yes… it’s true that the environmental protection effort has not only affected your water saving toilets. There are a number of ways to go green with plumbing, and it is fully expected that one day the newest technology and plumbing fixture designs will all be mandatory per building codes. That’s just one reason why you need to utilize a plumbing company that is technologically current and familiar with the newest materials, water saving designs and even the potential problems.

Though installing water saving devices while building a home is a good decision, you can also upgrade your existing fixtures now or when something needs replacing. Green technology has affected everything in the home and that includes plumbing. The water saving low flush toilets may be a bit of a mystery to many existing homeowners, but they are now the standard installation in new homes or for remodels.

Doing Your Part for the Environment

There are two main advantages to plumbing and plumbing fixtures and both are environmentally related. They use less water and require less energy. Residents who choose green plumbing in Ambridge, PA are doing their part for the environment while also saving on their utility bills. The newest hot water tanks can heat water more economically and keep it hot while using a lot less energy. Since the standard hot water tank uses a lot of energy, converting to one of the new tankless styles can reduce your energy usage. You help the environment and save money.

Following are some green plumbing fixtures to consider installing in your home:

Tankless hot water systems – these green tanks only heat water as it is needed which saves you money and gives you an endless supply of hot water

Low flush ­toilets -the toilets use 1. 3 gallons during a flush as opposed to standard toilets using 3. 5 gallons

Low flow showerheads – install one of these in each shower and reduce your per shower water consumption to 2. 5 gallons per minute from 4. 5 gallons per minute

Energy star rated washing machines – these units are energy and water efficient

Energy star rated dishwashers – these units are energy and water efficient

These are just a few of the green plumbing appliances and installations that can save you money while protecting the environment. But their installation requires professional plumbing Ambridge, PA residents can count on because improper installation can lead to appliances that don’t work correctly.

For example, installing low flow flush toilets and low flow showerheads can lead to tankless water heaters not recognizing the water flow. In some cases, the flow of hot water may be too slow because of the low flow demands. There are ways to overcome these problems and others but it takes someone with experience. For example, an expert plumber an install a recirculation system on the hot water tank that works on-demand so hot water flows quickly.

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