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Radiant heating systems

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We have grown accustomed to having a wide array of options available to us for all aspects of our lives. However, when it comes to the heating of our Boston homes, the options can seem rather limited. One method that is growing in popularity and certainly deserves a second look is radiant in-floor heating.

Traditional home heating is achieved by warming the air within your home and then circulating it through air ducts and vents. Radiant heat on the other hand, warms objects directly rather than the air surrounding them. When heat is supplied directly to the floors within your Boston home, a more natural radiation of heat is achieved throughout your entire home.

There are several distinct benefits that make this method an increasingly popular choice in home heating. Firstly, radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat available due to reduced energy requirements and the elimination of energy loss due to air flow through the ducts. Second, due to the reduced air flow, noise and dust are eliminated making this a great option for allergy sufferers. Thirdly, less space is required to house bulky duct work giving you more architectural freedom and possibilities.

There are three basic types of radiant in-floor heating systems; air-heated, electric, and hydronic. Air-heated systems are the least practical for Boston home installations due to their cost effectiveness and reliance on solar energy to maintain consistent temperatures. Electric systems utilize electric cables or mats of electrically conductive plastic to deliver heat and can be practical in applications where thick concrete flooring is used. Hydronic systems are the most popular and cost effective for home installations and work by pumping heated water directly through tubing laid directly underneath the flooring.

The benefits of radiant heating are the same no matter which delivery method above you choose. You will need to take your specific architectural and climate conditions into consideration when deciding which is best for your specific home. Your Boston plumbing and heating contractor will prove a wonderful resouce in making your decision.

Heating your Boston home from the ground up may seem like a new concept, but the comfort achieved can be far superior to more traditional methods. Once implemented, the benefits of the warmth, low maintenance design, and energy cost savings may make the heating system your home’s best feature yet.

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