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How are plumbers licensed?

Hiring a Professional Plumber

What kind of tradesperson should you hire to help with plumbing problems? You might be tempted to do it yourself or ask a family member or friend.

green plumbing

How Greywater Systems Work

Greywater systems are a novel but simple technology designed to safely recycle water from inside your home for use outside, taking pressure off septic systems and conserving water.


Conserve H2O, Save $$With Dual Flush

Dual flush toilets are exactly what they claim to be: toilets that give you the option to choose from two different flushes. Why? Because, to


Basement floods? Try a French drain

If your basement floods every time you get a heavy rain, this could be the result of inadequate yard draining. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be solved! A French drain is a simple trench drain that siphons water away from the more important and heavily used areas of your yard. 

What Is Plumber’s Putty?

Plumber’s putty is a substance used to make watertight seals between pipes and countertops. It will remain soft for a long while after it is applied, making it ideal for seals you will need to reverse. Because it does stay soft, you shouldn’t use plumber’s putty on pipes that will experience any amount of water pressure. The putty is fairly easy to use and can be wiped away if you make a mess. Here are some common places where plumber’s putty will come in handy.


Stainless Steel at Your Service

About Stainless Steel Sinks Stainless steel sinks aren’t “perfect”; no material is perfect for all conditions/situations. We are not aware of any material that is

Drain Cleaning

Preventing Laundry Room Floods

The laundry room, which can be located in such areas as the basement, the main floor of your Boston home, or even up in the


Plumbing Toolkit

Every Boston homeowner should have certain tools and supplies on hand in case of a plumbing emergency. Here are a few bathroom supplies that you should


A Stubborn Smell In Your House?

Plumbing system odors are annoying to say the least, but the worst part is that these are usually a sign of a bigger problem lurking within your plumbing system. If you have any strange odors coming from your plumbing fixtures, call a professional plumber right away to diagnose your problem. There are several causes of odors that may result from your plumbing system. Here are some of the most common.


Can’t Flush This

Your toilet is not a magical appliance that makes everything disappear. It can become clogged all too easily. The problem is especially common with modern toilets that use less water; they don’t stand up to large items as well. Here are a few things never to put in the toilet.

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