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Tile Ready Shower Pans in Boston

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Tile ready shower pans are a modern alternative to traditionally built shower pan liners for ceramic tile showers.

Tile ready shower pans are a modern alternative to traditionally built shower pan liners for ceramic tile showers. Traditional pans require masonry skills and some art for several of the construction steps. Tile ready pans require skill too, but not as much skill. Also the newer designs go in faster since there is no cure time for masonry liners. We can install either and will gladly advise on which is better suited to your needs.

The new design shower pans are ready for ceramic tile setting as soon as they are installed. The drain is built in to the base pan and the slope is built into the pan. Check Boston building codes for approval of whatever system you choose.

The traditional shower methods work great if done properly and are especially suited for custom sizes. But the newer systems are perfect for custom sizes too and are especially good for multi-unit installations like apartments or hospitals. The disadvantage of tile ready showers is cost. Installation is faster but cost is consistently higher. In most cases you can get a traditional shower pan built for just the cost of the ready-made shower pan material. So look carefully at cost.

Consider these three systems.

The Tile Redi system includes a polyurethane pan with a built-in drain. Standard pan sizes come with built in curbs and side shields. The pan sets in a mortar base supplied by the builder. Level the unit and attach all the pieces and it’s ready for tile installation. Check the prices!

The Schluter system has a pan with material for foam curbs and sealing material for the shower wall plus matching adhesives. The Schluter also includes a matching drain. This system is better suited for odd size locations and has the large advantage of sealing the entire wall. The pan sets in a mortar base and after installation is ready for tile.

Lastly, the Wedi system from Germany uses foam panels with adhesive to build any size shower. Foam boards make up the walls for a completely waterproof shower. The pan is set in a mortar base and is ready for tiling the morning after installation in your Boston bathroom.

Conventional masonry construction of shower pans builds ceramic tile showers that will last for decades at a reasonable cost. Tile ready shower pans do have advantages in some situations.

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