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What Is an Upflush Toilet?

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Traditional toilets rely on gravity to move waste from the bowl through plumbing and into sewage or septic systems. But what happens when the toilet is below the main drain lines, such as in a basement or a renovation where traditional plumbing isn't feasible? Enter the upflush toilet.

An upflush toilet, sometimes known as a macerating toilet, is specially designed to solve this problem. Here’s a basic breakdown of how it works:

  1. Maceration Process: When you flush an upflush toilet, the waste and water are moved to a separate macerating unit, often located behind the toilet or within the wall. This unit contains a blade that grinds and liquefies the waste, turning it into a fine slurry.
  2. Pumping: Once the waste is macerated, a pump activates. Instead of relying on gravity, the upflush toilet uses this pump to propel the waste upward and into the main drain line.
  3. Return to Normal: After pumping, the system refills with water, readying itself for the next use, much like a conventional toilet.

Because the location is not limited to the drainage system, the upflush toilet can help if you need to install the toilet in areas that weren’t planned when your home as built. For example, if you have a child with special needs or a disabled person, you can install the toilet beside the bed. The macerating pump can be installed in areas such as your attic or basement. Furthermore, the unit is portable and can be moved to a different location. When you want to move the unit, you simply remove the four screws and move it to the desired location.

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